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With ski season here and a lot of you hitting the slops over the next couple of months, I thought i'd write a little bit about the importance of muscle strength. Skiing is like a full body workout, so it is important to remember to treat it like one. Warm up well before hitting the slops in the morning, and when you get back and your all warmed up. A relaxing stretching session will leave you ready for another day.

Your Hamstrings and Glutes are working hard when skiiing downhill to stabilze you, your Quad's are protecting and supporting your knees, your outer and inner thigh's are fighting to keep those ski's together. Your calf's help you to stay upright with your knee's bent, otherwise you would spend your day with your face in the snow! Your Ab's and your Back (core) are working like crazy to hold your body in that skiing position. Don't forget your arms that are propelling you along with the help of poles.

See what I mean....Don't forget to look after yourself and have fun :)

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