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Shoulder Pain & Trigger Point Therapy

Good morning. It is a normal Monday morning, but this morning I have woken with a pain in my shoulder. I did nothing over the weekend to course it, so i am left wondering.....?

I already what the course is, but even I am trying to find another reason. Overuse...... I have been pushing it with the weight's in the gym lately and I have not been taking my own advice. I have been too busy to stretch and far to busy to get a massage for myself!! The result, my shoulder is really painful and i can't lift my arm above my head without pain. I know, i know i should know better.

What did i do? I have booked a sports massage for wednesday morning and am sticking with cardio for a few days. Also i found a golf ball in my husbands bag. result - I put it against the wall and lent in. A bit of Trigger Point Therapy. Not ideal on myself, but for the short term is better. Lesson learnt. I am not a fan of cardio.

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