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Head Massage

Swedish & Indian Head Massage

Health and Well-Being

Swedish massage is about the whole body and the interaction between body &  mind. Done well holistic massage is not just relaxing it can be invigorating, energising and uplifting.

Why get a massage?
To relax, unwind, to de-stress after a long day or week.
To relieve tired and aching joints and muscles.
To ease a sore back or a sore neck,
or just to treat yourself.

There are many reasons we like to get a massage, and there are many benefits to receiving a massage both emotional and physical.

We all have busy lives and forget to take time out for ourselves, which is something our bodies and minds crave for. Giving ourselves that time, even if its only 1 hour can do wonders for our well being. No two sessions are the same - I tailor each one according to your mind and body on the day.


60 minute Treatment - £40

30 Minute Indian Head Massage - £20

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